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"Powerful enough to make one reassess what it means to be human" - Mode

Cover of Nobody Nowhere

The book, Nobody Nowhere came out in 1991. It became an international bestseller with an 15 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list and then traveled progressively around the world to become published in 20 languages worldwide. Many people read it in a single sitting, staying up all night, some read it in 3 days, some who struggled to ever read a book, read it nevertheless. Some heard it on tape performed by award winning actress, Debra Winger.

For many people, it changed them. Some were found and wrote it had saved their life. Others were shaken up by it and it changed the course of their lives, made them look differently at their own place in society or themselves. Every person who bought, borrowed, maybe even stole the book, had their own story of what lead them to Nobody Nowhere and what impact it had on their lives.

-- Donna Williams